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Careening Through Time

Often Accompanied, Always Alone

The Doctor
Time Lord. Traveller. Exile.

My memory is sometimes a little erratic, so forgive me if I don't remember your name.

Terrans are my favorite humanoids, but don't tell them I said that.

Beauty is prevalent, if you know where and how to look.

We all have - or are entitled to - free will, but that also means we must accept responsibility for the decisions we make.

Decide now what you believe is worth dying for - you won't have time to when it matters.

Ask me what's in my pockets. Go on...


OOC Hat *On*

I'm not The Doctor, obviously. He and all the other associated bits belong to the Beeb. I'm just playing with him.

Each entry starts with a tag of now, then, or ???

{now} - refers to entries written some time after the Big Finish audio Time Works. That threshhold will change as time passes and new stories are released, and I'll update this page accordingly.

{then} - refers to entries written some time before {now}, but I'm not backdating them because I doubt the Doctor perceives time in a linear fashion.

{???} - refers to entries written during some nebulous, unknown/unknowable period. Eight's had a number done on his memory how many times? Combine that with "non-linear interaction with time", above, and things get a little whacky. Moreover, this will allow me to address events occuring in the BBC7 stories (with Lucie) without too much scrambling, as it seems there will be simultaneous release of material in the Charley/C'rizz continuity too.

Don't try to apply logic to it, you'll get a headache like mine. Just go with the flow.

For the record, I've been enjoying DW since the mid 1970s, so I guess that makes me an "old school" fan, whatever that means. Regardless of the school, I can appreciate DW and laugh at it, so don't be surprised if you see a bit of both.

For OOC squealings, visit fangrrl_squees. The journal name should warn you a bit as to its nature.